The Best Books For Architecture Students

Androsky Lugo

October 18, 2022

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In order to help you with your studies, here are some books you can read as an architecture student. They will help you understand the different techniques used by architects. Some of the books you may want to look at include The Architecture of Light by Phillip Johnson and Frank Lloyd Wright, Between Silence and Light by Louis I. Kahn, and Brunelleschi’s Dome by Ross King.

The Architecture of Light by Frank Llyod Wright and Phillip Johnson

“The Architecture of Light” is an engrossing book that examines two of the greatest architects in history. The architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Phillip Johnson were in very different positions at the time of their work. At the time, Wright was skint, underemployed, and feared that he was dead. Johnson, meanwhile, was an independently wealthy and ambitious young man who was hired by the Museum of Modern Art to curate a modern architecture exhibition.

The architects’ ideas differed greatly, but both shared restless creativity, huge charisma, and a frank personality. The two architects were often at odds and frequently encountered sparks, but Howard shows that the rivalry between them was an artistic conversation that led to remarkable and influential work.

Between Silence and Light by Louis I. Kahn

Whether you’re a lover of contemporary architecture or just want to learn more about modern architecture, Between Silence and Light by Louis I. Khn is a wonderful read. Kahn’s work has influenced modern architecture, and his buildings include the Exeter Library, the Yale Study Center, and the Salk Institute.

Kahn’s book is filled with quotations and beautiful illustrations. A must-read for architects and critics of architecture! It will leave you pondering the nature of design and the relationship between silence and light. Between Silence and Light is a wonderful read, and it will make you wonder how your own designs compare to Kahn’s.

This book includes a lecture by Kahn, filmed at the ETH Zurich in 1969, and a complete audio CD of the lecture. In addition, the book contains an introduction by fellow architect Balkrishna V. Doshi, as well as many of Kahn’s own drawings and images.

Brunelleschi’s Dome by Ross King

For architecture students who wish to learn more about the design of a dome, the book Brunelleschi’s Dome by Ross Kings is a great resource. It’s written by an architect and is profusely illustrated. While it may be difficult to follow for non-specialists, the book will still provide a great deal of insight into the design of an incredible dome.

Brunelleschi was a brilliant architect who was ridiculed and laughed at when he began his work but who later became famous for his brilliant architectural designs. The book traces the story of Brunelleschi’s life and the competition he faced, as well as the many challenges and successes he achieved.

Kohn Pederson Fox

This book is not only about architecture. It is also an excellent way to learn about business leadership and design innovation. It also offers insights into a leading architecture firm.  Eugene Kohn in 1976. KPF has received numerous awards, including the Rome Prize and the Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize. This book is 328 pages long and explains how KPF changed from a small firm to a worldwide leader in the field of architecture.

This book is full of illustrations and explores the different phases of building construction. It also explains the requirements for safe and secure buildings. This book is very helpful for students studying architecture. It also includes information on building codes and ADA compliance.