Androsky Lugo Shares Top Tips

Androsky Lugo

March 16, 2022

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Sharing his top tips for students who are beginning their architectural careers.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2022 / — Architecture school is a massive undertaking and it’s important that architecture students are fully prepared with the information they need to succeed. Architect Androsky Lugo is sharing his top tips for students who are beginning their architectural careers.

1. Network constantly.

Over time, the work will begin to speak for itself, but connections are still key when it comes to making it in the world of architecture, according to Lugo. Workload will be heavy, but it is important to take advantage of networking events to connect with professors and other students. Think of attending networking events as a class on a roster—connections will be key to success after graduation.

2. Get the rest that is needed.

Androsky Lugo understands how tough the workload of architecture school can be, and knows that it can be tempting to burn the midnight oil night after night. Doing so, however, can slow the overall progress causing a struggle to stay focused on the work at hand. There’s no doubt about it—some nights there will be no choice but to stay up late to get the work done. However, having a normal sleep schedule when possible will help. Be sure to take steps to maximize the impact of necessary sleep, like turning off screens before bed and staying away from caffeine in the afternoon and evening.

3. Learn to use criticism to fuel the self-improvement fire.

Jury reviews offer others the chance to critique the work. It’s hard to hear criticism when so much hard work has gone into a project, but it’s necessary to keep moving forward. When others critique the work or project, fight the urge to discredit criticism. Instead, consider their suggestions and try to implement their thoughts into future work, according to Lugo.

4. Stay balanced.

In architecture school, it is important to be passionate about a project or craft, but it’s important to remember to leave room for other studies as well. While it can be fun and exciting to delve into architecture classes, it is also important to get through other classes to graduate, and the information that can be learned will add to a future career, Androsky Lugo says.

5. Take it one day at a time.

Architecture school can feel fast-paced, and it’s key to avoid falling into the trap of believing every assignment is an emergency. Stay on top of assignments, while keeping a steady pace. Stress management is an important part of keeping creativity high. Don’t forget to take a step back and enjoy the process of learning more about what is important, one credit at a time.

Androsky Lugo
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