How to Take Great Photos of Unique Architecture

Androsky Lugo

September 26, 2022

How to Take Great Photos of Unique Architecture

To create beautiful photographs of unique architecture, you must know how to frame your shots. This can be done in several ways. One of them is to choose a focal point that will make the image stand out to the viewer. To do this, you can use the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is an essential composition guide that divides the image into nine squares that contain four lines in each square.

Wide-angle lenses

Wide-angle lenses offer a variety of advantages. For example, they provide a wide field of view without any distortion. They can also be used for taking pictures in low-light conditions. This type of lens also offers a constant, fast aperture. It also lets you control the depth of field.

Wide-angle lenses are also an excellent choice for architectural photography. They enable photographers to capture a lot of detail in one shot. Their focal length is usually between 16 to 35mm. The effect can be stunning! These lenses have a wide range of uses, from capturing a whole city to capturing a single point of interest.

The most popular wide-angle lenses are available for DSLR cameras from brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sigma, and Sony. Although they do not have the most expansive field of view, they offer a great perspective.

Choosing the right light

Choosing the right light is essential if you want to take great photos of unique architecture. It can add drama, obscure details, and create flattering lines. Here are some tips for choosing the right light for your photographs. First, consider the type of architecture you’re shooting. This will determine the right gear to bring.

Secondly, always consider the time of day. While the golden hour is the best time for taking architectural photographs, you’ll also want to choose the right light for the rest of the day. You’ll want to avoid bright light, which can worsen reflections and glare.

The weather is also essential. While many photographers don’t like working with the weather, the unexpected can provide some creative opportunities. A misty night, for instance, can make an old building look very different. Similarly, trees in a park during winter will look completely different than during the day. Taking photos of the same structure in different weather conditions can give you a diverse portfolio of photos.


Photographers often use framing techniques to draw attention to their subjects. The right framing technique can draw viewers’ attention to an image and make it more interesting. For example, using the edge of the frame to enclose a particular subject can make the photo more interesting. The right framing can also draw the viewer’s eye toward a particular photo area.

Framing can be a tricky technique and requires vision and creativity. However, once mastered, it can lead to some genuinely amazing shots. In addition, it can give you a chance to show off your photography skills. Below are a few techniques to help you achieve the perfect framing for your unique architecture photos.

Another good option for framing is using a building. For example, an archway or window can create a unique photo frame. Even a playground tunnel can be an exciting frame opportunity.