Androsky Lugo

Androsky Lugo

March 16, 2022

Androsky Lugo

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Androsky Lugo Discusses the Hudson Yards Building Observation Deck

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2022 / — A dedicated student of New York architecture, Androsky Lugo considers the observation deck on the Hudson Yards Building to be one of the top structural marvels in the city.

Who is Androsky Lugo?

An accomplished New York City architect with expertise in environmental studies. Androsky Lugo is the sitting president of the FFAF. In addition to calling New York home, he has considerable knowledge of the city’s iconic and groundbreaking architecture.

“Some of the world’s best architects have designed buildings in New York City,” said Lugo. He goes on to contend that many of these buildings are simply overlooked by people who “zip right by them.”

Modern Architectural Must-Sees in New York City

Reflecting his passion for local architecture, Androsky Lugo has identified the “top 10 modern architectural must-see spots in New York City.” In addition to long-established tourist attractions such as the Empire State Building and the Metropolitan Opera House, he celebrates some of the lesser-known contributors to New York City’s unparalleled skyline.

One of these structures is the 28-acre, high-rise, real estate development called Hudson Yards. Spanning both the Chelsea and Hudson Yards neighborhoods of Manhattan, this building complex includes a range of luxury residential and commercial/retail space.

The Hudson Yards Observation Deck

Androsky Lugo specifically ranks the observation deck atop 30 Hudson Yards among the modern architectural spots in the city that simply cannot be missed. He identifies the building’s triangular observation deck as “one of the best spots in the city to see the skyline.” In fact, it consists of three floors that he describes as “glass floating in the air.”

The Hudson Yards observation deck crowns the physical high point of the Hudson Yards building complex – a skyscraper that towers more than 1,200 feet above ground level. At this tremendous elevation, it has the distinction of being the highest open-air observation deck in the Western Hemisphere

The uppermost of the observation deck’s three floors is called Edge. Suspended in mid-air, this floor gives victors the feeling of floating in midair with spectacular 360-degree panoramic views that are unrivaled anywhere in the world. This breathtaking vantage point is accessible by high-speed elevator or by taking the thrilling City Climb.

City Climb on the Hudson Yards Edge

Hudson Yards calls its City Climb the “Ultimate Skyscraping Adventure.” Participants get the unique opportunity to scale the outside of a skyscraper, ascending a staircase that hovers more than 1,200 feet above the ground.

The City Climb certainly adds a tremendous amount of excitement to the Hudson Yards observation deck visit. Using a series of state-of-the-art safety trolley and harness systems, trained guides lead small groups of adventurers over a series of platforms and stairs around the perimeter crown of the skyscraper.

No exterior obstructions come between climbers and the breathtaking New York City skyline during the majority of the City Climb trek, providing a truly extraordinary open-air experience. Before coming back inside, each climber has an opportunity to lean out from the uppermost outdoor platform at the pinnacle of the skyscraper. Suspended securely but otherwise unencumbered by windows or railings, this may be the best way to take in the borough of Manhattan as a whole!

Androsky Lugo
Androsky Lugo
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